5 tips for those who want to rank higher in the search engines

Ranking on the search engines is something that everyone who uses the web strives for. If you sell products, services or just look for visitors, it’s important to be seen on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Keyword optimization can feel like a jungle for the beginner and it is good if you have an eye on the basics when working with SEO. Here we go through 5 important points you who want to use SEO to rank higher should consider!

1. Quality & not quantity

Many people believe that search engine optimization is about having a lot of text and links. On the contrary, this can lead to poorer rankings. Google looks primarily at the quality of the texts and links you use. A website with quality links and good texts that captures the reader’s attention gets much better results than websites that have more links and texts but poorer quality. When administering a website, it is therefore important that you think long-term and do not try to rush results. Google’s algorithms have become much better at reading websites that try to go around this and it leads in many cases to the punishment of Google. Penalty means that you rank worse on the search engine and have a harder time climbing the rankings.

2. Be active!

A page that ranks better than others is a page that is active and shows its prowess! Keep an eye on the website. Have the “dead” links, incomprehensible text or broken html code then it is good to update and change. If your website has a news page or blog, it may be helpful to write posts and texts once a week. If the search engines see constant changes and updates on the website, they read this as the website is active and it helps the page climb the rankings.

To rank on search engines requires some time- it’s about being active!

3. Be clear about what you want to rank on search engines!

Keyword optimization is of course about more than links and posts. It has become more important than ever to think about the content of the page itself. Google compares your page to others in the same category and ranks the page that visitors stay longer with. Be clear about describing what your page is about already in the Google preview text. The clearer you are, the greater the chance that you will get visitors who stay for a longer period of time and actually make the customer interact with your website. For example, if you have an online shop, you want the customer to shop.

If you are clear early on what you are selling, you are more likely to get a purchase from the visitor. If Google sees your page as clear and relevant, they want it to be visible faster to potential buyers. For example, if you’re writing about cars, it’s important to structure the blog post so that it’s easy for visitors to understand the text. Images, headings, and subheadings are always useful for structuring text.

We know! Social media is not for everyone!

However, for those of you who want to help the website rank higher on the search engines, it can be a good idea to use social media.

By sharing posts, news and interesting events you get a boost for the website, new followers, likes and of course visitors to the website!

Seo Group helps you set up business accounts on the most popular social media and updates them so you can devote yourself to other things.

4. SEO & Social Media goes hand in hand!

If we again use Google as an example when the search engine accounts for 90% of the market, social media is an important block in keyword optimization. Sharing links, posts and news on social media is good for two reasons. The first is that you build an audience on social media which leads to more traffic to the website. The second is that Google reads your social presence and helps the page rank. As a rule, movies and pictures are very good for the rankings. Movies and images linked to the page with the right keywords will help you boost your rankings even more!

5. The website should be fast & concise

A slow page quickly ends up deep in the search engines. It is very important that you have a website that is built on a good platform. Today, wordpress is the most common platform but you can get the same results with a self built website. It is important to keep an eye on charging times on the page. Google wants users to quickly get to what they’ve searched for and doesn’t like pages that take a long time to load. Using ssl protected URL address is also important. As a rule, a https:// address ranks higher than a http:// address.

In conclusion, you should never try to rush a result when it comes to search engine optimization. Stick to the channels that work and be sure to engage visitors with great texts and images. Taking shortcuts hurts more than it helps. A fast website with relevant information and a good network of social media is a good start!

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