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With SEO Group you have the perfect web agency for search engine optimization. We make sure your website ranks on all relevant keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Imagine this: The company’s website is ready and launched. Your business information is out there on the internet with everything your business offers and you’re waiting to get new prospective customers from visiting your website. However, you don’t get as many visits to the website as you would have expected. The simple reason? The website is not visible high enough on the search engines. That’s where we come in!


Search Engine Optimization with SEO Gruppen:

With SEO Gruppen as a web agency you get a unique chance to grow with the right skills. Our SEO services combine with our knowledge in websites and web development. This means that you as a customer do not have to worry about problems on the website that inhibit the rankings. We take care of everything related to search engine optimization and give you time to devote yourself to the business. In our SEO packages you will always get:

Certified by Google

SEO Gruppen is certified in Google ADS and Google Analytics and uses that expertise to ensure that your business reaches the right audience in the search engines and maximum exposure on the internet. Our SEO services are translated directly into more visits to the site, a better clientele, increased chances of appearing on the search engines and of course attracting the right audience. We assess our work by the number of conversions. That’s why you as a customer get not only new visitors – but also the right type of visitors.

New Visitors



The web agency that specializes in SEO

When we started with web development, we also realized the importance of being visible on the internet at the top of search results. That's when we introduced search engine optimization (SEO) into our services for websites and web systems.

SEO Gruppen not only designs portals and systems but also offers the skills required to rank websites at the top of search results. With the use of specific tools, we ensure that your website is in focus and that your products and services are visible to all potential visitors and customers. The SEO Group runs processes that help your business rank above similar websites that appear in search results.

sökmotormarknadsföring (SEM)

The benefits of an agency that handles the SEO part

Having a knowledgeable and certified web agency that is continuously working to rank the page on the search engines is more important than ever. If you do not work with search engine optimization, you lose positions on the search engines and fall behind the competition. With SEO Group you can see results on the health of the website and the positioning of the keywords. We assess our work based on the number of conversions and constantly strive to attract new potential customers to the website. Working yourself with search engine optimization without the right knowledge and experience is very time consuming. We make sure to direct traffic to your website while you are engaged in your business.

What we offer

Our SEO packages include everything related to the website onsite and offsite. We work methodically and transparently with you as a customer. You will receive ongoing reports on the development and positioning on the page to keep you updated. Other advantages of us as a web agency:


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